Public Education truly is a great equalizer. As Utica City School Board President, I am a strong supporter of our schools, our teachers, and our students. I have fought tirelessly to put and end to standardized testing and have been a vocal supporter of the “Opt-Out Movement” which has sent a strong message to Albany that change is needed.

I believe we need to return to what works by reinstating the General High School Diploma in addition to the Regents Diploma, and offering a robust career track in addition to an education track in our high schools. Trades are not something that should be a "thing of the past!" This will allow more students the opportunity to enter job training and apprenticeship programs after they graduate. We need to stop teaching to test in inner city school districts, restricting our teachers to the common core, and forcing our students to under perform.

Although we have fought successfully for record levels of state school aide, I believe that Albany needs to make fully funding our schools a top priority. By reducing wasteful state government spending, we can prioritize our state taxpayer dollars to funding our schools to allow for a real property tax reduction.