Meet Chris

Christopher Salatino has a proven success for a progressive push to help keep the middle class prosperous. With his work as Utica City School Board President his goal is to help save our public schools. He’s a Local business owner and a family man. His motivation is simple, keep our families whole. 

Salatino For

Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

My goal is to provide the opportunity for students to gain, the insight, tools, and inspiration they will need to make an impact on the world.


The Issues




I believe that public education is vital to building a stronger future. I believe we need to return to what works by reinstating the General High School Diploma in addition to the Regents Diploma, and offering a robust career track in addition to an education track in our high schools. Trades are not something that should be a "thing of the past!"



I believe that everyone’s work should be valued, and the ability for people to collectively bargain as part of labor unions is essential.I believe that our tax dollars should be spent on our priorities, not gambled on reckless, unwanted, and failed projects . It is time we stop wasting our taxes dollars and start to focus on the important issues that should be funded




New York State's corruption and unethical conduct has become so expansive and unpredictable that it needs reform well beyond one "quick fix." It needs one comprehensive package of reforms that covers every conceivable scandal and opportunity.



I believe that health care is a right, not a luxury, and politicians shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions over women’s bodies. I’m a full supporter of the Women’s Rights Agenda.





The people of our community owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the men and women of law enforcement. Each day our officers selflessly run head-on into danger, as others run in the opposite direction.